gpcut - Extract, slicing and thinning a GPhys variable.


gpcut is command line tools for extract, slicing and thinning a GPhys variables.


% gpcut [options] path[@|/]varname[,dimname=pos1[:pos2[:thinning_intv]][,dimname=...]]


-h, --help

print this message.

-m dim, --mean dim

average along dim axis (optional).

-e dim, --eddy dim:

deviation from mean along dim axis (optional).

-o file, --output file

output filename (optional). Default output filename is ''.


2005/05/17  S Takehiro (created)
2005/07/15  S Takehiro (open_gturl method is used for opening gphys variable)
2005/08/10  S Takehiro (utilize internal function for printing help message)
2005/08/21  S Takehiro (global attributes copied to the output file)
2005/08/23  S Takehiro (common methods to gp* command moved to gpcommon.rb)
2010/03/10  Y SASAKI (change help block into RD format)
2012/02/19  S Takehiro (description for gturl format updated)
2014/04/23  S Takehiro (add --eddy option)